Monday, 23 January 2017

One Woman's Personal Perspective on the Trump Presidency and the Women's March

Alright, it's my perspective and it's true, not alternative fact. You can deny it all you want but you cannot deny my thoughts or experience and the right to ask some deep questions. You also cannot deny that I love Christ and the people of the nations.

Trump's Presidency

My prayer times with God about the USA and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were painful and heart-wrenching. I wondered why, all of a sudden, I had God's heart for the USA. Being a prayer warrior, I knew why - I had to be on my knees for the USA and the new President. And I began to pray that God will expose all the lies, deceits and be so clear as to who His President should be.
Without a doubt, three days before the Nov 8th election in 2016, I knew that Donald J Trump was going to be the President of the United States of America. But God's heart was too heavy for the USA. He was not lifting His hands yet. Thank you Jesus! And I knew that it would be landslide victory.

I did not understand the meaning of "landslide" victory until the day of the Presidential election. I watched as state after state went to Trump's victory. Half-way through, I understood (as if a light bulb just lit up) that a landslide victory was that it was going to be ALL RED in the White House. In my human wisdom, I had assumed that it would be just a big win in votes for Trump. The Congress and the Senate ended up on the Republican's side - ALL RED.

Once it was confirmed that the new President was going to be Trump, there was more to pray. The never-Trumpers and Clinton loyals seemed to be bursting in the seams with denial, anger, pain. The liberal media did badly - instead of helping people to heal and unite, they did the unthinkable - they stoked the fire even more. The violence and vulgarities by people who could NOT accept Trump as their new President was increasing.  I could not believe that even my country's newspaper was as bad as liberal mainstream media.

My questions and thoughts were: Why didn't Clinton supporters respect all other Americans and the electoral college for their decisions? This is a democratic process. Why are the celebrities so foolish and fanning the flames of dissension? They need to be taken to task. Why resort to violence? That is so evil. That you would even think of hurting another life? Why isn't the current President (Obama at that time) and opposition leaders not denouncing all this evil as rapidly as possible? Guess they want their supporters to entertain the thoughts of hopelessness. Why is vulgarity even necessary - rape Melania?? Seriously, that should be considered a threat and the person arrested but hey, no one did anything to care about a fellow citizen of the USA.

 Why was the liberal mainstream media not taking Hillary Clinton to task for security breach?  Why was the FBI playing tic-tac-toe?  And ISIS on USA soil, no one is concerned about this? Why isn't anyone concerned about the kind of adult games that some of their politicians have played..with children and women?  How can Hillary Clinton say that she is for women and still support the killing of babies?  Why isn't anyone paying attention to James O'Keefe's videos on Planned Parenthood staffers caught selling fetal parts?  Why can't the people look at the calibre of men and women surrounding the Presidential candidates and make a logical decision for the USA?  Why can't they see that they need a leader who is bold enough to walk the talk?  
Oh Lord, have Mercy on the USA.

I switched to watching Judge Jeanine Pirro, Tomi Lahren and Hannity.  I would keep updated with the social media posts by Dr. Ben Carson and Mike Pence (now Vice-President of the USA).  CNN, NBC and other mainstream networks with no journalistic integrity, showing arrogance and bias against a certain party were completely thrown out of my list and I have no plans to return to those channels.  Hollywood celebrities like Streep and Messing lost my respect.  Say what you like but when you begin to slam your own President publicly, it does not speak well about your manners.  Many times, I sat back and laughed at the immense foolishness of the liberal mainstream media.  There's a trending word now - alternative fact, seriously people? You did not know that alternative facts have been in play in the last 8 years and more.  Just google the lies and deception or even scandals from past administration.  

Well, the day finally came on 20th January 2017 - President Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the USA but not before threats of violence and disruptions to the Presidential Inauguration.  Is this the way to behave when you are a first-world nation, USA?  I was so disappointed at the behavior, attitudes of people who could not accept a Trump presidency.  It was, as if, any good Trump did, was not good enough still!  I mean, he was forgoing his salary as President and that says a lot to me; companies are coming back to the USA; and his children - did you see how they support their father??  

I was not a Trump supporter but when I saw how much people were slandering and hurting his family, I could not help but remember that God has already chosen him.  And I could not fight God on this one (Acts 5: 39a).  I had to humble myself and accept that even though Trump had his weaknesses, he has been chosen for such a time as this.  Is anyone so perfect? Some Christians think that God would not demean himself by choosing someone like Trump.  I think that God can choose anyone to fulfill His plans.  Did you even stop to think that God never demeans Himself in any way - He is so sovereign that he has everything planned ahead of time.  In mission-talk, we ask, "How do you fit into God's plans?  Well, how do you think Trump is fitting into God's plans?

So, this non-USA citizen accepted that Trump's words about women in the past are NOT acceptable but his apology is accepted; that Trump comes across as arrogant and egoistic but God is working in and through him; that Trump's decision to care about America First is right, because seriously USA, you are in debt.  Does not help that your last President added another 10 trillion to your debt kitty.
I mean, how can you even help other nations when you are in debt?  Shouldn't you be interested in wiping out your debt first?  Your last administration spent 10 trillion dollars but were they spent effectively in enhancing the quality of life, education, healthcare or even on your veterans and the homeless?  Does this not make you upset to see your own people in such neediness and that your last government did not do much about it?   

Women's March
Women, are you not concerned that millions of babies have been aborted and money is made by selling body parts?  And yet, you claim that the Women's March is a show of solidarity.  For what?  For killing millions of unborn babies?  And why did you lie to me?  It was not a women's march, it was a pathetic pro-choice march and an anti-President Trump march!  Did your march contribute to healing the nation of USA and bringing some unity?  This false solidarity is selfish and hurtful.  I get that you were trying to deal with the pain and anger of past experiences by showing disrespect and by mocking the democratic process.  I am truly sorry that you are going through so much pain because that is what I saw when you gathered together to march.  You exhibited your pain and anger for the whole world to see.  You thought that no one cares about you.  We do care about you; we care about your life as much as the unborn's life.  BUT we cannot agree to support an agenda that brings death by the millions.  It would make you, women, as no different from the terrorists or murderers.  It would have been a show of weakness for NOT standing up to life.  it would have been totally irresponsible on the part of those who care about life to encourage you to kill unborn babies.

You were hoping that by showing the world that millions of women were marching and being united in the march, it would create a buzz about the power of women.  Actually, it had the opposite effect for me.  I was so ashamed and saddened that you chose to march for the spirit of death, instead of life.  I was horrified that you chose to glorify death instead of life.  And I was appalled that you chose to contribute to an agenda of irresponsibility among women because you are effectively accepting the notion that a woman can sleep around with as many men, carry as many babies as her body allows and she still owns the right to kill each one of them.  You have not gone to the root of the problem - which in my personal opinion, is a lack of the value for life.  You cannot have sexual freedom and negate your responsibility as well.

I am so thankful that Planned Parenthood will be defunded!  When you kill innocents on the battlefield, and bomb explosions kill civilians, it becomes terrorism.  Well, no bombs exploded where Planned Parenthood operates but they definitely are involved in a sort of terrorism - you see, babies are innocent.

And yet, woman - yes, you who marched on 21 January 2017 - why aren't you marching worldwide against rape and assault of Indian women?  Why aren't you marching when jihad continues worldwide?  Why aren't you marching against child slavery?  Why aren't you marching worldwide against sex-trafficking of women and children?  Why aren't you, Christian women, marching when Christians are being persecuted?  Why aren't you marching when religious freedom is restricted in so many other nations?  Why aren't you marching when pornography and other sexual content are allowed on your electronic devices and become "locker-room" visuals? 

Finally, women who marched - Can't you see that there are more important issues to march for than for the spirit of death?  

I look at the vulgarities, the violence and the mockery that has been made by people who do not support President Trump and I do not see strength, maturity or courage. All I see is a spirit of vengeance, divisiveness and cowardice.  
Surely human beings are created to rise above the evil and negative to the good that God desires for us.

This blog has not been an easy piece to write.  I am trusting God to bring back true self-worth and respect for life to millions of women around the world.  I am trusting God to use the new President of the USA and his team greatly and mightily for His glorious purposes.  For as long as they will remain humble, God will give them the grace.  For as long as God has allowed this team to lead the USA, who is anyone to fight this plan?  God bless the USA and accomplish ALL His purposes in such a time as this.  Maranatha!

Blessings of love and a very blessed 2017,
(not a USA citizen but someone who has a heart for God's purposes in the USA)


  1. thank you for writing this...

  2. An excellent blog spoken with heartfelt compassion & truth. Thank you Rachel. The USA is more polarized then ever before, & more so within the last 8 years. However, the left-wing media chooses to only glorify the liberals & minimize the conservatives. It played out again on Jan. 21st. Like Rachel, I too, have stopped watching the left-wing media that lied to me & millions around the globe. The world needs to understand that they are only mouthpieces of the views of the majority of the liberal states housed in New York & California. They only feed you what they want you to hear, know & believe. There's no truth in their reporting, only a liberal agenda. People, most of middle America are not on the same wavelength & heartbeat as the east coast & west coast, hence you get a polarized nation. I encourage you to YouTube what I heard yesterday at church from Dr. Lance Wallnau, who, like Rachel, prophesied that Trump would win handsomely. His book The Chaos Candidate, written before the Nov. 8 elections, is also a good read. Read Isaiah 45:1-6 to see how Trump is likened to the Persian King Cyrus & it may open your eyes & your heart to see that God is at work here & not man. God can & will use anything & anyone He chooses to accomplish His perfect will.

    1. Thanks Pat for your additional thoughts. God still speaks to many today. Hallelujah!

  3. Rachel it's very perceptive and thoughtful. Should share it with as many as possible!