Being Quiet Amidst The Pandemic

I have been quiet.  Quietly reading about the pandemic.  Quietly observing the mixture of fear of many in this Coronavirus crisis, the confidence of others as they meet this crisis headlong, the responses of various governments and the pain of those who have lost and are losing their loved ones.

I have been quietly watching from various countries.  Yes, I might belong to the high-risk group due to my ministry travels.  Still, let me assure you that I imposed a 14-day stay-at-home rule on myself.  This is my personal contribution to combat COVID-19 responsibly.

It is now Day 5 of my stay-at-home rule.  I live on my own.  When families are together and bonding, I can only watch them quietly from afar.  My advantage is that I do not have anyone else around me who may catch the virus IF I am a carrier.  So, I thank God for this disposition.

I work a lot from home and there is much to do in the Kingdom of God despite COVID-19.  Here are some ways of how I use my extended stay-at-home time…

Who Else?

As I sit alone in my hotel room in Mexico, I am reminded of God's goodness throughout the last year and last decade.  Yet, my mind continues to meander through a few more years beyond the decade to a simple and dangerous prayer over me as I stepped out to serve the King of kings intentionally to impact the nations.  This was in 2002.

This church leader with some others gathered around me, her hand on my shoulder and she quietly asked that God will use me like "the foolish thing in the world to shame the wise".  1 Corinthians 1: 27 actually states that God chose the weak in the world to shame the strong!
I have found myself many times in situations since that prophetic prayer, in various nations where God called me to 'be' and 'do' the unthinkable!  Some might say, "crazy things for God".  I have made decisions out of obedience to God to please Him rather than people, even leaders.  Such decisions doesn't move anyone up in the popularity chart.…

A Pregnant Pause

Hello everyone,
I am back after a pregnant pause of eleven months from blogging.  During these months, I have learnt much, re-prioritized ministry efforts and spent time resting with God, family and friends.  Interestingly, I did not have the desire to blog during these last eleven months.  So, here is my first blog for 2019 related to the pregnant pause in my life.

Taking a break, a Shabbat as I call it, is always a good thing.  It allowed me to reconnect with my family, my friends and my country.  Being in Singapore for 5.5 months was definitely a long time for me.  I decided to give myself this time for two reasons: 1.  Out of obedience to God as He wanted me to spend more time with my family and friends  2.  It was time for a rest of some sort.

Obedience to God
God in His great scheme of things knew that my dad would pass on during my time of Shabbat.  It has always been my prayer that God would take him away while I was in my birth-nation.  So, when dad passed away on 24th August …

Goodbye for Now, Honduras! I Will See You Again!


Society, Security and Freedom

I have been thinking much about personal and national security as well as personal and national freedom.  I probably touch the tip of the iceberg with this blog.  There is so much more to consider.  The issues related to security and freedom have become relative and debatable.  Some are even discussing about security and freedom as if one has to take sides - you know, give up an iota of security for a tad more freedom and vice versa.  It's not about giving up either as both are two sides of the same coin.  Freedom and security are so close that one cannot be without the other.
I suppose the other reason these two bedfellows - Security and Freedom - provoke me is because I am a witness to deception, hate, foolishness  and pure evil more than I am a witness to dignity, humility, faith and peace.
The security of a society is related to the freedom of that society and of course, vice versa.However one phrases it, there’s no denying that true security matches with true freedom.Unfortunat…

Unashamed Servant-Leadership - The Book Cover (A Vision Fulfilled) Part 2

The publishing of my book Unashamed Servant-Leadership was in progress.  The marketing staff from Langham Literature invited me to suggest book cover concepts.  I suggested two concepts but prayed that they would accept the first concept which was very personal and meaningful to me.

Around 1997, I was still a student at Singapore Bible College.  And I was worshipping at Christ Methodist Church which was my home church then.  I was traveling in the air-conditioned bus to church.  It was a long journey on an early Sunday morning.  I remember praying during this journey.  As I prayed, God gave me a vision.

This was a vision of two hands moulding a brown claypot.  God the Father was hard at work with this claypot.  As I prayed on what this might mean for me, I sensed that God was shaping and moulding me to exactly the design He intended me to be.  The claypot was brown in color - absolutely boring!

So, in my spirit, I said to God, "God, I don't want to look so boring.  I love colo…