Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Discovering Former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew Again!

22nd March 2015, I received a Whatsapp message from my sisters and cousins that Singapore's Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) has passed away!  Well, we were expecting it but it still shook me a little bit.  If I were in Singapore right now, I will join the millions waiting to pay their respects to a great leader.  But I am not in Singapore, though right now, my heart is among the millions who mourn for the nation's architect.
Photo by Reuters

In the last two days, I have read so many tributes from all over the world and have once again begun to discover more about this Singaporean in his death than when he was alive.  And what stands out above the rest is that LKY was a man of integrity.  He demanded honesty.  He refused bribes (  He was honest about loving his wife (, his children and the nation.  He was respected (  Did people fear him?  Well, he did haul people to the courts if they defamed him or their writings posed as threats to national survival.  What do you expect from someone who has dedicated his entire adult life to building a fishing village to a developed nation?  And yes, he did not single-handedly build this city-state, he did so with outstanding pioneers like him.

My sense of pride is not related to how LKY built this nation but more with how he remained honest in loving his wife, family and nation. He is not perfect, though a perfectionist, but he truly gave his life well for a great cause.  He was a great statesman.

I thank God that He chose this Peranakan boy to be the founding Prime Minister.  I thank God that even his adversaries cannot deny his integrity.  I thank God for the discipline he practiced and instilled in our nation.  
Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

If only his death will continue to remind Singaporeans about hard, honest work; about racial harmony and unity, and about national security needed for economic progress, it is enough. Someone had to get out of his comfortable zone so that others could be more comfortable - that was LKY in Singapore.

But just remember that Christ got out of His comfortable zone in Heaven to become like man on earth, so that eternal death can be defeated, by His crucifixion and resurrection,for all who place their faith in Him alone.

Join us as we pray for Singapore, her allies and partners to continue to be led by leaders who ruthlessly demand for honesty and operate with integrity.  

Pray that God will be their Wisdom and Peace in Christ's Name.

With every blessings of Christ to my birth-nation, Singapore, to the LEE Family,
Rachel R (now in Honduras, Central America).