Saturday, 2 July 2016

I See Ghana

Wow, it's been a long time since I blogged.  But I am remembering my trip to Ghana today and praying for this nation.

I was expecting some changes in Ghana since the last time I visited in 2015.  I was in for a shock and here are some thoughts that crossed my mind in these two weeks in May 2016:

The Good Thoughts
Thank God, FAIM Director for Ghana and his family have finally moved into their new home.

Thank God that the weather was not all that bad.

Praise God that I had some ministry opportunities.

Thank God that The Reading Club Ghana (TRCG) at Manhean Primary School, Tema New Town, and at Okyinsu, Eastern Region has begun.

Praise God that FAIM might be starting a 3rd TRCG in the Eastern Region.

Thank God that I finally found one honest, reasonable taxi-driver!

Thank God for the excellent seamstress who charges reasonably.

Thank God for the TV interview on ZTV Ghana - that was fun discussing about leadership.

Thank God that one small church and one big church honored me by investing financially in FAIM.  What a blessing it is to be helped by Ghanaians.

Praise God for a Ghanaian Christian taxi-driver who gave me a free ride on a short route.

The Angry Thoughts
I cannot believe how corrupted this industry is - when I googled on hotels in Accra, and most hotels were charging US$300+ for one night.  These were not your usual 5-star hotels too..sigh!

I cannot tolerate dishonesty - when taxi drivers charge you triply more just because you are an “obroni”.  And they actually try to ‘set you up’ by a series of complains.

So, why is petrol and diesel highly-priced when Ghana has its own production? the production for export only?  That’s hitting hard on the Ghanaians with vehicles.

Why is life so difficult for the people?  Everything is highly priced by Ghanaian standards - vegetables, poultry, fish, water, electricity, oil, petrol, diesel, everything!

The Why-am-I-Not Surprised Thoughts?
So, I guess the Saudis and Turks are pouring in the money - after spotting a huge mosque in Accra.

Christian discipleship is still weak.  

Poverty mentality still exists.  I wish people would understand how rich their land is, how much God can provide.

The Compassionate Thoughts
Wow…that little boy needs a new pair of trousers for school.

You mean - it takes hours just to get home - when the traffic is really bad and that’s often enough.

The I-Hope Thoughts
I hope the churches would come alongside and help their own; that they will invest in the young students.

I hope that Ghanaians will be more generous in their giving - of their time, efforts and honor everyone who comes to serve them.

I hope that other churches will worship like some Ghanaian churches I have been too, where Christ is exalted and where it is not performance-based.

Dear God,
There is so much more to be done in Ghana.  Please raise godly Ghanaians to step out for You.  May Your spiritual healing flow into Your land, Ghana and into the Church of Ghana.  May Christian Ghanaians be known as Your disciples because of their love for You and for all whom You love.  May wisdom and discernment be upon Your church leaders as they serve You.  We come against the poverty mentality, the greed for power and wealth in Jesus name.  We release Your Power of love, grace, courage, self-control and sound mind into Your appointed leaders.

All we ask in the Lord Jesus Christ's Name and for Your Glory, Amen.