Monday, 1 August 2016


I have travelled to so many nations and have a variety of stories to tell. I definitely like to see them in print.  So, vlogging or video blogging is something new.  

So, what's a vlog?  Straight from the online dictionary:
  1. a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.
    "you can add travel vlogs to the growing list of travel-related material popping up on the Web"

We have set up a FAIM channel on YouTube.  And we just want to share our daily faith walk in Christ with the world, from wherever we might be.  I hope my team-mates get on the bandwagon too but no pressure, here.  By the way, nothing is professional - yes, no make-up or lighting.  It is as you see.  We are keeping it real.  Should God provide a capable volunteer videographer, We would definitely welcome the services.  Till then...

So, just for your praise pleasure - please do click on the following links, watch, like, subscribe and give God all the glory!

1. Goodness of God in India - videoed by Rachel Chindu

2. The Royal Riveria Houseboat Cruise - Gliding on the waters @Kumarokom, India

3. Testimony: God stopped the rain 01 August 2016

I think it's interesting that we began our first vlog in Mollywood, India - famous for their handsome actors and beautiful actresses in Malayalam films.

If you would like to post a vlog with FAIM so that others can praise our Lord Jesus Christ, please email me your link.  Together, we can get the world to praise Christ.

May all of God's goodness and mercies be yours today,