Tuesday, 12 May 2015

When Languages Collide ...Indospanglish!

My conversations these last few days and through another week might just go like this:

Conversation 1
Hotel Staff:  Ya, ibu.  How can I help you?

Me:  Si, I like to know the opening hours of your piscina?... I mean your swimming pool.

Hotel Staff:  It is open from 7am - 9pm.

Me:  oh...bagus sekali.  Por favor, jam berapa is the opening hours of the gym?

Hotel Staff:  Same time, ibu.

Me:  Terima Kasih.

Conversation 2
Me:  Disculpe, may I have your menu please?

Restaurant staff:  Ya, ibu.  Makan di sini atau room service?

Me: service.  I like to order the Ikan Gurame en chilli sauce con arroz...I mean with rice, Por favor.  And one soda water please.

Restaurant staff:  Okay, ibu.

Me:  Please goreng the fish well.  Gracias and my room number is, eight, three, nine; lapan, tiga, sembilan.

Conversation 3
Me: Por favor, could you bring the ironing board and iron?

Housekeeping staff:  Ya, ibu.  Anything else?

Me:  No, itu saja.  En berapa minutos?

Housekeeping staff:  huh?

Me:  When will you bring them?

Housekeeping staff: Dalam lima minit, ibu.

Me:  Gracias.

Dios le bendiga,