150 Steps

I climbed those 150 steps just by a vineyard in Switzerland.  They were quite the climb for me.  I huffed and puffed my way up.  Terribly unfit but very determined.  My mind focused on the attributes of a great God - Sovereign, Omniscient, Good, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Divine (SO GOOD).  A missionary friend had taught me that a long time ago.  And God is so much more but it's a good start to reflect on His attributes.

I stopped halfway and turned around to look at Lake Zurich.  Calm.  Beautiful.  God creates beautifully. I stopped to praise God for His amazing creation.  Blue sky.  Green all around.  Blue-green lake.

Huff.  Puff.  Huff.  Puff.  I was tempted to hold the railings for support.  But no!  I can do this and under my breath, I ask God, " More strength, Lord".  I started thinking about my friends in Finland who were engaged in various negotiations related to their house.  "Lord, please make it all right for this couple who love you much.  Intervene, O God".

Just the last bit now.  No, I am not leaning onto those railings for support.  Oh yes, I made it to the top.  "Thank you Jesus for your strength".

I turn left and walk on....praising God.


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