Who Else?

As I sit alone in my hotel room in Mexico, I am reminded of God's goodness throughout the last year and last decade.  Yet, my mind continues to meander through a few more years beyond the decade to a simple and dangerous prayer over me as I stepped out to serve the King of kings intentionally to impact the nations.  This was in 2002.

This church leader with some others gathered around me, her hand on my shoulder and she quietly asked that God will use me like "the foolish thing in the world to shame the wise".  1 Corinthians 1: 27 actually states that God chose the weak in the world to shame the strong!

I have found myself many times in situations since that prophetic prayer, in various nations where God called me to 'be' and 'do' the unthinkable!  Some might say, "crazy things for God".  I have made decisions out of obedience to God to please Him rather than people, even leaders.  Such decisions doesn't move anyone up in the popularity chart.  But then, most who know me also know that popularity is the last thing on my mind.  In fact, truth-speakers are hardly popular and often lose friends along the way.

Still, 1 Corinthians 1: 27 has been real in my life for the last decade. 

Who Else?

Who would have thought to carefully choose a Singaporean from a minority ethnicity
and plant her among the nations?

Who would have sanctioned her words and actions among millions?

Who has the authority to command her to "Go and make disciples"?

Who has the ability to make the Truth come alive for her and others?

Who do you think could be rich enough to provide for her every need - yes, from the head to the toe?

Who has enormous influence that other men and women are moved to favour His beloved?

Who can open all doors that even others cannot shut?

Is it not God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Whose hands do you think I have held in this last decade - so tightly lest I might lose my way, lose my faith in the Truth that sets me free, lose the very LIFE that gives me joy?

Who has shown me great sacrificial LOVE so that I might do the same?

Who has made promises and kept them faithfully - every one of them?

Who has always been faithful, never ever leaving my side through thick and thin?

Who has heard my heart break at promises unkept by others, deep cries for the churches and weeping for the nations?

Who in all His Majesty reminds me daily of who He is - Lord of all, King of kings and Victor over death and sin?

Who gives me new titles and positions in His kingdom or creates ministries out of nothing?

Is it not God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Yes, it is!  The only One God. 

In Him is my living and being!  
In Him is my light and living hope.
In Him is my brilliance (like a star).
In Him is my wisdom and love.

To Him be all the praise, honour and glory!

Thank You, God!

There are so many things to thank God for He has given me many life-changing opportunities.  However, what comes to my mind are these:

I thank God for the family and friends who truly cared and loved me through all my wandering among the nations. You inspire me to do my best faithfully for God.

I thank God for those who did not believe that God still continues to use the foolish and weak in the world to shame the wise and strong - you inspire me to look at the God who is more than able to use anyone who trusts Him for all.

Thank you, God for opening major doors for your beloved to be a blessing to millions for the next decade!  You are a Promise-Keeper.

Even as the champagne pops and fireworks burst into their joy, and people count down the end of one decade while beginning the next decade, may no one forget the One who orders all our ways.

Blessed and Abundant 2020 dear family and friends,



  1. Praise God!!! Hallelujah 🙌👏👏 So much encouraged and inspiring to see God's Faithfulness and your passionate response to His calling!!!! God bless you in abundance !!!


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