Honest Responses: On Praying & Financially Supporting Missionaries

We are three-quarters into 2016.  It's that time of the year where most of us, missionaries or not, probably look into our budget and see if we have enough to move forward, whether we need to make some adjustments along the way and how we can possibly live within our means.

Most of my friends know that my ministry depends on donations given by cheerful givers.  Personally, I value the prayers of our intercessors and definitely appreciate the timely financial gifts that sustain Faith Ablaze International Ministries (FAIM).  But this time, I was compelled to find out some personal beliefs and thoughts about why some Christians would want to pray or give financially towards missionaries.  Here's a biblically based article written by David Peach that might interest you: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/importance-of-missions-7-reasons-to-support-them/ .

The assumption here is that both prayer and giving financially are ministries.  The following are honest responses from followers of Christ living in different continents, albeit mostly from Asia:

1.  Partnership with missionaries is an integral part of God's eternal work among the nations

Supporting a missionary makes one an integral part of​ a ministry. When one cannot participate in a mission work oneself, then supporting that mission work financially and prayerfully causes one to feel as much a part of that work as the missionary oneself. 

Myrtle T, Finland

I would be encouraging and be a part of the true missionary who is imparting the life-transforming Gospel to others.
- Jenipher O, Kenya

Hands-on involvement in new frontiers is not always possible for everyone but we can be partners in the mission field by supporting full-time missionaries through regular financial support (which shows a personal commitment to the missions and ministry in the long-run).
- CMK, Middle East

We participate in the expansion of God's kingdom through supporting those who taught us the Ttruth of Life (Galatians 6:6).

Rachel, Middle East

To let you know that you are not ploughing, planting and harvesting alone but you have those who, support you in other ways even though they are unable to be with you physically.

- AW, Singapore

We spend money on many things for necessities and our wants, which is not wrong but can, sometimes, be frivolous.  Ultimately, supporting missions is an investment for eternity.  If one's contribution can lead to souls being saved, then it's money well-spent.

- Calvin M, Singapore

Sowing into the ministry (of missions) is partnering in sowing and harvesting souls for Christ.  Behind a missionary, there must be a team of co-laborers.

- Daphne H, Singapore

It is partnering with missionaries.  It is also strategic that I can reach out through such partnerships to many nations which otherwise I would not be able to reach.

- Evelyn L, Singapore

So that the missionaries can teach and help others to understand the love, mercy and power of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

- JS, Singapore

I can contribute to the work of the kingdom by prayer and financial support of those who are called since I am not called to the frontlines.  Romans 10: 14-16 comes to mind.

- Kevin A, Singapore

Why pray?  Because we pray and hope that God will allow the little we give to become a part of His miracles and answers to prayers.

- TKT, Singapore

When one is approached to support a missionary or other ministries financially or through prayer, it is an invitation to join the mission itself.
- Cindy H, United States of America

Our prayers help sustain them through emotional and spiritual battles which they face daily...while our prayers hold them up spiritually, our financial gifts help provide for them physically.  Our gifts, no matter how small or insignificant to others, collectively amount to a 'big deal' for them....

Whatever little we can offer will amount to much, as we give it, trusting and believing that God will multiply it.  We need to spread the Word, and they need us to help them spread the Word.
- Patrick K, United States of America

2.  True disciples are expected to obey the Great Commission by supporting those called to the frontlines.

By supporting them in prayer and financially, we are doing what God has prepared us to do by being God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works (Ephesians 2:10).

- Rachel, Middle East

The Lord expects this (action of praying and giving towards missionaries) from His children (Matthew 25:40).  It is a sign of being true disciples of Christ (1 John 3: 18)

- Reymund, Middle East

God commands all believers in Christ to give to those in need, especially to those in kingdom work (Romans 12: 13).

- Sandeep, Middle East

If I see the brother or sister in need, I would help (Matthew 25:40).

-  Caroline M, Singapore

It is God's Commission for all of us to disciple the nations.

- Evelyn L, Singapore

To support missionaries financially is an opportunity to participate in the Lord's Commission to make disciples of all nations.

- LBH, Singapore

To support the cause of God's divine mission through dear ones serving in the field.

- PI, Singapore

All believers are commanded to go to the nations (Matthew 28: 19-20).  One way of going is to support those who are serving in/among the nations.

- Karen H, United States of America

It's part of the great commission. We are to promulgate the gospel throughout the world. Others may not be able to go to certain areas, but they can support those who do go. Prayer and financial support are both important. Prayer seeks heavenly intervention, and finances meet needs so those on mission field, who sacrifice to be there, are able to do God's work in those areas. 
- Michael I, United States of America

3. Christian love through prayer and financial support for the missionaries is a blessing for all!

One can only gain blessings when supporting missionaries! 
- Myrtle T, Finland

There is a reward for supporting missionaries (Matthew 10: 40-42).

- Ato A, Ghana

If I care for those families already in the frontlines, I would help them abundantly with my prayers and my earnings as blessed by the Provider.
- Anu A, India

Supporting is actually a ministry in itself, one that stretches and affirms one's own faith.
- M.T., India

In God's family, we uplift one another in whatever way we can.
- Susheela M, India

Christians are called to different ministries and have different giftings.  There are those who are just givers and they receive blessings through their giving towards missionaries.
- Donald O, Kenya

Financially supporting the missionaries not only blesses them but blesses you!
- CMK, Middle East

We do so to glorify God but also to tell you that we love you.
- AW, Singapore

Because the missionary is a friend and I admire his/her person's love for God that he/she is willing to give up all.

- Rachelle T, Singapore

Giving specifically to the missionaries honors God as they are God's laborers who work hard  and they deserve 'wages'.  

- TKT, Singapore

It is a privilege for any Christian to pray and support a missionary because we love Jesus.
- Violet J, Singapore

In summary, I believe that if followers in Christ wanted to participate in the Great Commission even though they may not be 'called' to cross geographical boundaries, they CAN!  As most responses indicate, it is a privilege given to all to support missionaries and ministries with prayer and financial gifts.  Every little gift counts towards a collective blessing for the missionaries or ministries.

I am thankful to all those who were willing to share their heartfelt responses with me.  You encourage me with your words.  And I pray that many intercessors and senders (givers) will understand their role in being a great blessing to the nations. To God be all glory when giving and receiving are done in the love of Christ!

With the joy and love of Christ,


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