Righteousness and Peace Kiss

When eyes watch the horrors of bloodied bodies,
bomb-blasted trucks and cars,
when ears hear sounds of machine guns,
bombs and grenades,
the mind wanders on its own streets
till it comes to a corner and 
stands still.
Pausing for the moment,
thinking of lives lost,
of families broken and separated
from loved ones - tiny or not.
The heart has hands of its own,
and it feels like a tight clench,
as if the heart might stop
with unbearable pain
mixed with anger
at all this non-sense,
at all this cowardice of men
motivated by fear
that they refused to hear
even the cries of their own,
the nations moan and groan.

Terrorists may think that they have won,
won the fear of people but
what they have done,
is further instill
to love life,
to live life,
to expose their cowardice.
All around the people come together,
and in unity
to live in peace.

In peace, you find kindness
towards each other,
regardless of race or religion.
In peace, you find security
with each other,
not caring about possible differences.
And as you resolutely march towards peace,
you may just find the very Source,
the Prince of Peace,
Emmanuel who has come to stay
for justice, for eternity.
stay the course of Peace,
and meet Righteousness for a kiss.


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